Locally Sourced

Most of the plants we carry are cultivated in the tri-state area. Some are even grown right in our own county.

Grew Up In Navarre

I grew up in Navarre so I am familiar with the climate and needs of our plants, and our customers.

Fair Pricing

I am a life long member of this community. I enjoy plants and want to pass that joy on with reasonable pricing.


It’s a lifestyle

I enjoy plants. Dirt therapy is relaxing and removes you from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Transforming outdoor spaces into thriving environments tailored to your tastes is a rewarding escape from the drama in our lives. I want to help you accomplish your goals with quality plants that thrive in our area at more than reasonable prices.

The plants

Some of the varieties

I try to keep a diverse selection of plants year round. Due to season, quality or availability, selection may change.


Selections of plants that bloom. 


Warm climate foliage. 


Varieties to enhance your property.


Indoor happiness

Come Visit

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Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm
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Meet Oatmeal

Oatmeal handles all my customer relations. He is the hardest working employee on location. He is very adapt at his job and brings an unmatched level of enthusiasm to the workplace.


How To’s & Guides

Ever wonder what the secrets to successful gardening are?
Follow along as I post articles on a wide range of topics.


It's a common misconception that all plants are harmless, especially when it comes to our furry friends.


Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating and beautiful birds in the world, known for their vibrant colors and unique flying abilities.


Hibiscus plants are loved by gardeners for their tropical beauty and vibrant flowers. These stunning plants have large, showy blossoms and are a popular choice for adding an exotic touch to gardens worldwide.


Butterfly bushes, also known as Buddleia davidii or summer lilacs, are popular in gardens for their stunning flowers and their ability to attract butterflies and other pollinators.


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