SunPatiens® are an impatiens hybrid that can withstand full sun in containers and flowerbeds. Impatiens are one of the most popular annual flowers. However, the light requirements of common impatiens limit where you can plant them. They do […]
Clusters of flowers on a woody based evergreen perennial. Use as cut flowers, beds, borders or container plants. Thrives in heat and humidity.
Dense upright tree with narrow leathery leaves. Salt tolerant. All parts of this plant are poisonous.
The plant can be grown in the ground or in large containers. They are grown outside year-round in our area. In temperate regions, they are planted out for the summer and dug up and stored over winter. They […]
Commonly called giant taro or upright elephant ears, is a rhizomatous tropical perennial of the arum family that is treasured for its giant ornamentally decorative leaves which resemble the ears of an elephant.
Grows as a dense clump of slender, green, cane-like leaf stems with pinnate, or feather-shaped, leaves that are about 1 ft long. Each leaf has about 30 to 50 narrow leaflets that are evenly spaced along the blade […]
Small evergreen fern that features overlapping leaflets on soft, delicate fronds in a compact, upright, vase shaped clump.
Blood red blooms, dwarf grower. Dense branches are covered with blue-green leaves.